42. telling my endometriosis story & answering your questions by hello good humans (2024)

37. ellie eswein: GUTS tour recap, girls weekend, and being sister princessesEpisode 37: This week we have a unique episode with my road trip buddy, Ellie Eswein! Ellie and I recorded this conversation on our late night drive home from Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS world tour! We recap our weekend and then talk all things Ellie. Ellie is a previous Miss America Organization title holder, a current college student, and a special education paraprofessional. She is also a beautiful dancer and dance teacher in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area. I hope you enjoy this (slightly chaotic) conversation with Ellie as much as I did! Mar 29, 202401:16:5033. joshua terrones: broadway baby, being my jamie, and baked laysEpisode 33: Where to even begin? You know when someone comes into your life and you just wonder where they have been all 25 years?! I only met Josh 2 months ago when we got cast as Cathy and Jamie in "The Last 5 Years," and I couldn't be more grateful to have this human in my life. Josh is a senior musical theatre major at Viterbo University, can sing circles around anyone I know, and is going to do incredible things after graduation. In this episode we go on many theatre-related tangents, talk about Josh's struggles with bipolar 2, played a little theatre this-or-that, and about what it was like growing up gay in Oklahoma. I hope you love Josh (known lovingly in my close circles as Jamie) as much as I do.Follow Josh!www.joshuaterrones.comInstagram @joshuaterronesMar 01, 202401:27:0232. miranda myszka: leaps of faith, midwest tours, and being in a season of livingEpisode 32: Everyone please welcome Miranda Myszka to "hello good humans!" Miranda has been a friend since we lived across the hall from each other our freshman year of college. We both started our college journeys in theater, only to end up working in different fields of theology in our early 20s. Miranda is one of the most faithful people I know, always trusting God to direct her on the right path. She also has the most delightful laugh of anyone I know :) Feb 24, 202453:4030. karla hein: a conversation about having a servant heartEpisode 30: This episode is unique and special to me. I was given the opportunity to interview Karla Hein, La Crosse's Warming Center Coordinator, in front of a live audience at Viterbo University, as part of their D.B. Reinhart Ethics Institute Leadership at Noon series. Karla Hein is an incredibly good human. She speaks openly about her past struggles - dropping out of school, getting into some trouble with the law, and becoming a felon. But she also talks about how those experiences equipped her with exactly what she needed to best serve those that are experiencing homelessness in our community.Feb 05, 202429:5829. sam selakovich: food pantry advocate, green thumb, and divine feminine Episode 29: This week on Hello Good Humans I had the chance to talk to another friend that I made at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), Sam Selakovich! Sam currently works as the coordinator for a food pantry in a suburb of Chicago, and is passionate about women’s rights, social justice, education/outreach, and gardening. She also loves to read (many different genres). I hope you enjoy this episode with another amazing young woman I am grateful to know.Jan 22, 202438:4328. ayoka lee: fierce athlete, faith warrior, and mental health advocateEpisode 28: I am so excited to share this conversation with Ayoka Lee! Most may know her as an extremely successful and talented college basketball player for Kansas State University. Seriously, if you google Ayoka, you will be blown away by all of her awards and accomplishments. But even off the court, Ayoka Lee is an incredibly empathetic and compassionate human being, nurturing her spiritual life, pouring into her friendships, and advocating for the mental health of herself and others. Thank you Ayoka, for allowing me into this small piece of your heart and mind.Jan 09, 202437:3926. ruth hallstead: pastor-to-be, mountain biker, and big book girlEpisode 26: This week I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you all to my childhood friend, Ruth (E) Hallstead, or as she is in my phone contacts, "Ruth E E Hallstead." Ruth and I grew up in the same church and were in school together in middle and high school. I've often laughed at how different we are, yet how easy it is to pick up where we left off whenever we are reunited. Ruth is almost done with a seminary degree at Candler School of Theology in Georgia, and when we recorded this, was about to interview to become an ordained pastor in the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church! She loves all things nature, and as we established in the episode, loves the kind of fun that requires a little bit of blood, sweat, and tears to achieve (me? not so much). Please enjoy this episode with my sweet friend, Ruth. Dec 19, 202301:17:3624. chloe ettinger: veterinary professional by day, dj chloe by nightEpisode 24: I had the pleasure of sitting down (via Zoom) with a wonderful human being who I met this past summer at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, hosted by the American Association of University Women in Washington D.C. Chloe Ettinger is one of those people who just keeps on surprising you... She is currently a veterinary professional, working on getting into Vet School, DJ-ing all over the country as "DJ Chloe" in a male dominated industry (she's so freaking cool, I know), is an Etsy shop owner, AND a huge Swifty. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. Follow Chloe on Instagram: @chloeettinger @chloes.craft.accountDec 04, 202340:4323. peter dahl (part 2): favorite reads, body dysmorphia, and sad girl music Episode 23: Peter Dahl is back for the 2nd part of our conversation! I am so thankful for this friendship, and am grinning ear to ear while listening to us talk. Peter opens up about his struggles with body dysmorphia, talks about some of his favorite books to read, favorite music, and so much more. Everyone needs a "Peetah" in their life. Follow Peter on Instagram! @peterdahlwriterGo purchase Peter's books "The Hunter's Tale" and "Yours Truly" -- available on Amazon!Nov 27, 202344:0722. peter dahl (part 1): the one where zoe forces peter to take the enneagram test (he's a 4)Episode 22: Hello Good Humans is joined for a 2 PART interview with Peter Dahl -- author, feeler, thinker, an obvious Enneagram 4, and someone I'm so grateful to call my friend. Peter opened up so eloquently on this episode, talking about his writing process, growing up with a lot of religious influence, and how good it feels to cry. We also dive into the Enneagram personality test with a book called "The Road Back to You." This conversation was so wonderful, so heartfelt, and so genuine. Peter's books: "The Hunter's Tale" and "Yours Truly" -- available on Amazon!Nov 20, 202301:03:1320. cali gurnicki: adventure goddess, free spirit, and camp extraordinaireEpisode 20: CALI GURNICKI! As I start the episode with, "This is life." Cali Gurnicki is one of the best of the good humans I know. She joins Hello Good Humans to talk about her incredible experience hiking (she calls it walking...) earlier this year, her love of camp life, being adopted by her mom and dad, and her commitment to the Catholic faith. Cali inspires me to live with more spontaneity and freedom. I hope that her story brings you as much joy as it did me. Something really exciting in this episode is that I have added a little intro/outro music, written and recorded by my dad! The piece that you'll hear is from a song that he wrote and sang for my mom on their wedding day, almost 28 years ago (and their anniversary is in 4 days, as I'm writing this).Nov 07, 202301:12:0716. 36 questions to fall in loveEpisode 16: This week Hello Good Humans is joined, once again, by Ben Gibson. In our first episode together we talked about the sneaky way I tricked Ben into falling madly in love with me, which was with the "36 questions to fall in love" exercise - found on 36questionsinlove.com or in the New York Times. The exercise clearly worked so well, that I wanted to make Ben fall in love with me AGAIN by doing the exercise 3 and a half years later. All jokes aside, please enjoy this episode as we discuss all sorts of things, from dream dinner guests, to hunches about how we'll die someday. Nov 07, 202301:07:5614. ramblings on my body image journeyEpisode 14: This one is going to be a little different... Today I am sitting down to talk to you (as much as I have the energy to) about my journey with body image. Listen. There are good days. There are bad days. And there are a whole lot of days where I feel the way I do today - I know that I am worthy and valued and loved, but it is so dang hard to see it sometimes. So this episode is 38 unfiltered minutes of me rambling about my body image journey. "Hello Good Humans" was created as a space to tell people's stories, but today I needed it as a space to tell my own. Enjoy.Nov 07, 202337:4811. zachary kratt: habits, life goals, and thoughts on pickle ballEpisode 11: This episode's guest is a good friend and someone who I consider my adopted brother - Zachary Kratt! Zach is in his last year at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, working at a veterinary clinic, and always working to be the best version of himself. Zach brings a lot of interesting perspectives in this episode, sharing his thoughts and experiences on working at his parents' business, fighting mental health battles, being a college student, wanting to live on the beach someday, and more! Content warnings: mentions of suicidal thoughts, self-harm, mental healthAs always, if you liked this episode, please give my podcast a like, subscribe, or share :-) @hellogoodhumansxo on Instagram! Nov 07, 202354:0110. lila szyryj: princess diaries in real life and being a half-first generation americanEpisode 10: Today we are joined by Wisconsin ROYALTY, my good friend Lila Szyryj, as she talks about growing up as a first-generation American, the importance of understanding our news sources, being MISS WISCONSIN, her faith, and more! Lila is an incredible human being. She is so well-spoken and intelligent. I am so grateful that the Miss America Organization brought us together, and I know that we will be friends for life. I hope you enjoy the wisdom and raw human energy in this episode.Side note: A first-generation American issomeone who was born outside of the United States and moved to America in order to live there. However, in some cases, those born to at least one foreign-born parent are referred to as “first generation.” *Face palm* Please forgive my ignorance in the beginning of our conversation.Nov 07, 202358:369. benjamin gibson: being my boyfriend, finance tips, and "the b word"Episode 9: This episode's guest is, hands down, my favorite human on God's green earth. He's my best friend, my life partner, my better half, he is the most supportive, down to earth, and loving boyfriend I could have ever asked for in life. Ben is usually a very private person, so the fact that he was willing to sit down and record an interview with me is HUGE! I am so excited to share this Ben-sized-piece of my heart with all of you :) If you like this episode, please consider subscribing to the show on your listening platform and/or sharing on social media @hellogoodhumansxo.Nov 07, 202301:10:528. jenna lee jane: human connection, soul searching, and wtf was gleeEpisode 8: Ugh. How do I encapsulate Jenna in a silly little episode caption? Jenna Lee Jane is an incredible human. She and I met through the Miss America Organization, but I want to say this loud and clear: JENNA IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A TITLEHOLDER! She lives every single day with a chronic illness. She has brought her own brain baby to life in the form of workshops that harness the power of human connection (@welcometosoulspace on Instagram!). She is an avid journaler and watercolor painter. She is one of the kindest, most genuine, most authentic, beautiful souls I have ever met. And I am also convinced that she is my plutonic soulmate. Every single time the two of us are in the same space, we marvel at how we seem to be living parallel lives in our separate little Wisconsin towns. I am so grateful to have been able to interview Jenna on "hello good humans," and I am so excited for you to hear about her and her life. Content warnings: eating disorders, mental healthIf you like this episode, please consider giving it a subscribe and a share!Jenna's social media - Instagram @jennaleejaneTikTok @jennaleejaneSoul Space: @welcometosoulspace:-) Thank you for being here, my good humansNov 07, 202301:05:107. margy krogman: books, body image, and room temp sparkling waterEpisode 7: Margy Krogman!Content warnings: eating disorders, death, mental healthI am so excited to welcome MARGY onto 'hello good humans' this week! Margy and I have known each other for almost 6 years, but our relationship has flourished and grown more in recent years. She is an extremely intelligent, well-spoken, passionate person. She is an advocate. She is a book lover, and even has her own bookstagram! @margyreads on Instagram.Margy opens up deeply on this episode, from talking about her relationship with religion, to her relationship with her body. We also talk quite a bit about a new movie we both loved.... THE BARBIE MOVIE!If you love this episode, please consider giving the show a subscribe and a share! Nov 07, 202301:13:136. ryan howe: ORIGIN, music theory, and a love of artists with 'j' namesEpisode 6: RYAN HOWE! There is so much to say about my friend Ryan. He's an incredible musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and he joined me on Hello Good Humans to talk about his debut album, "Origin" - available on all music streaming platforms. Ryan is also a devoted dog dad, lover of nature, and a huge foodie. Follow Ryan on social media at @pianomanhowe and Ryan Howe Music to keep up with his gigs around the driftless region.Nov 07, 202301:00:443. rylee beahm: a friendship built on karaoke, a love of Disney, and culver'sEpisode 3: Rylee Beahm is one of the most incredible people that I have ever met. At 16 years old, she is a student, active in church, plays three sports, is in show choir, and volunteers in our community. As a teenager with Down syndrome, Rylee is a leader in our community, showing everyone that varying ability levels do not hold anyone back from being an AMAZING human! I had the pleasure of interviewing Rylee about a whole bunch of her favorite things - and you better buckle up, because this episode will take you all over the place! Nov 07, 202314:182. darcy reimler: dream roles, finding faith, and moving to nycEpisode 2: Darcy Reimler is one of my dearest friends from childhood who never fails to make me laugh. I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to talk about her experience as a musical theatre major in college, her future plans, all things musicals (maybe a little too much...), and what her faith journey has been like as an adult. Please enjoy this episode with Darcy's many accents, TikTok references, and all of our favorite Darcy-isms.If you like this episode, please consider subscribing to the show on your streaming platform of choice, giving me a rating, or sharing the episode on your social media platforms! Be sure to tag @hellogoodhumansxo on Instagram!Nov 07, 202342:32welcome to 'hello good humans' - preview episode'hello good humans' is HERE! just for a little sneak peek :) stay tuned for the debut episode, out SOON!! Jul 03, 202304:33
42. telling my endometriosis story & answering your questions by hello good humans (2024)
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