Amy Bellina Monmouth University (2024)

1. Amy Bellina | Directory - Monmouth University

  • Amy Bellina. Director of Student Life Logistics and Student Center Operations. Department: Student Life. Office: Student Center 208. Phone: 732-571-3586.

  • Department: Student Life

2. Getting involved on campus enhances college experience -

  • Jun 27, 2016 · Amy Bellina, director of student activities and student center operations at Monmouth University, said joining fraternal organizations or ...

  • Colleges and universities encourage students to get involved in activities that help create a sense of community and belonging.Special to  Becoming a college student, whether choosing a school close to home or a distance away can seem daunting and...

3. [PDF] Directory in Brief - Monmouth University Catalog

  • Student Activities. Director. Amy Bellina. 732-571-3586 Student Employment. 732-571-3471. Student Life. Amy Bellina. 732-571-3417.

4. Special Interest Archives | Student Engagement - Monmouth University

  • Aug 2, 2023 · Amy Bellina 732-571-3586 · Megan McGowan 732-923 ... Students Advocating Girls Education (SAGE). August 1, 2023. The ...

  • August 2, 2023

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6. Special Interest | Student Engagement - Monmouth University

  • Amy Bellina 732-571-3586 · Megan McGowan 732-923-4713 · Snowriders Club. The Snowriders Club is open to all ...

  • Table of Contents

7. Monmouth University | Schools, Colleges & Education

  • Amy Bellina. Director of Student Activities · Phone: (732) 571-3591 · Send an Email · 400 Cedar Avenue West Long Branch NJ 07764 ...

  • Monmouth University | Schools, Colleges & Education

8. [PDF] Student Club and Organization Listing: 2022-2023 - Monmouth University

  • Contact: Amy Bellina/Megan McGowan. Phone: 732-571-3586/732-923-4713. Email ... The club promotes posiNvity, self-. appreciaNon, and connects students to other ...

9. Student Employee of the Year 2023 Nominees - Monmouth University

  • Emily Guicheteau. Student Operations Assistant Student Center. Supervisor: Amy Bellina, Director of Student Life Initiatives and Student Center Operations.

  • Student employees play an important role in all aspects at Monmouth University with 1400 student employee job placements within various department on campus and off campus non-profit agencies. The Student Employee Appreciation week is a great time to honor the tremendous work and dedication they demonstrate on a daily basis. Student Employment annually partners with […]

10. Emergency Shelter at Monmouth University | Guide For A Safe Campus

  • The Rebecca Stafford Student Center Shannon Killeen Amy Bellina; OceanFirst Bank Center Vaughn Clay Lu-Ann Russell. Once in their designated location ...

  • Taking shelter can be a critical element in protecting the campus community in times of emergency situations. Sheltering at Monmouth University will take two forms. They are Consolidation and Shelter-in-Place. Although seeking shelter would normally be for a short duration (4 to 12 hours), the University has food/water capability for sheltering the campus population for […]

11. [PDF] Faculty / Staff / Administration Listings - Monmouth University

  • E-mail: BELLINA, AMY .........................571-3586. Director of Student Activities and. Student Center Operations. Student Development.


  • M.B.A., Monmouth University (Monmouth College). Danielle Schrama (1999) ... Amy Bellina (1994). Director of Student Life Logistics and Student Center Operations.

13. The Wedding Singer - April 16 - April 19, 2021 - PLAYBILLder

  • Apr 16, 2021 · Amy Bellina, Lindsay Smith, Kathy Dabney, Janet Dustman, Tashir Hampton ... MU Players is a student run Performance Club at Monmouth University.

  • April 16 - April 19, 2021 at MU Players

14. Alumni Board welcomes new members - Monmouth Magazine

  • ... University Alumni Association Board of Directors ... The Student Activities Office, specifically Amy Bellina, Sandy Oswald, Vaughn Clay, and of course Janice.

  • Alumni Board President Karyn Cusanelli ’89 (pictured above) is pleased to announce that four new members and one incumbent were appointed to the Monmouth University Alumni Association Board of Directors, following a record increase (173%) in alumni voting participation this spring. New members Alissa Catalano ’13; Christine Nadramia (nee Dignon) ’10, ’11M; Richard Leclercq ’83; […]

15. [PDF] Student Organization Handbook - Monmouth University

  • We hope you will feel free to come in and meet us. The Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations Team: Amy Bellina, Director of Student ...


  • The Rebecca Stafford Student Center. Shannon Kileen. Amy Bellina. Petra Ludwig. Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC). James Pillar. Vaughn Clay. Lu-Ann Russell. 8 ...

17. Church of St. Anselm - Facebook

  • A homily for the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, ... Amy Wiedemer Bellina और 12 अन्य लोग ... Register at: science ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

18. Zeta Tau Alpha Shut Down - The Outlook - Monmouth University

  • Nov 28, 2018 · The decision was officially supported by an email from Amy Bellina, Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. “The ...

  • The Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Nu chapter of the University has been shut down by their national headquarters on Nov. 16.

19. students tout MU's - Monmouth University - YUMPU

  • Jan 6, 2013 · Bellina
    . Ms. Lisa Belo Mocho '87
    . Ms. Nancy S. Benanti
    . Osipourtz attended ...

  • students tout MU's - Monmouth University



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