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YouTube is the world’s second most popular browser after Google. While millions of people enjoy watching videos and listening to music in-platform, others prefer to take it to the next level and download the music for offline enjoyment. If you belong to the second category and wonder how you can do so, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’re going to cover several free websites for converting YouTube videos to MP3. We’ll also discuss one premium option, which is the official YouTube Music app. The free options may work better for those only looking to download one song or plan on doing so occasionally. On the other hand, everyone looking for ways to download music from YouTube regularly should consider the premium option.

Let’s jump right in.

Download Music from YouTube using VideoProc – Downloader

VideoProcis the best tool for downloading audio and videos from well-known websites like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Vevo, Bilibili, etc. It is lightweight yet powerful enough to bulk download media. Plus, the friendly user interface is easy to understand, and controls make converting material so straightforward that users don’t need to know anything about frame rates or resolution, which benefits the less tech-savvy.

It is fully hardware-accelerated, which means it can leverage the device’s processor, graphics card, and other components to speed up conversions. It even includes some basic video editing capabilities for making changes to videos before converting them.

Here’s how you can download music from VideoProc:

  1. Visit and click DownloadVideoProc Converter.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (3)
  2. On the main screen of VideoProc Converter, click the Downloader icon.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (4)
  3. To download audios, click Add Music.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (5)
  4. Copy the video/music URL, then click Paste URL & Analyze, and VideoProc Converter will analyze the URL and give you a list of downloading possibilities.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (6)
  5. Click Download Selected Videos after selecting your chosen output format/resolution from the list.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (7)
  6. Finally, click Download now to start downloading.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (8)

Download Music from YouTube using ByClick Downloader

We’ll start with one of the easier, more intuitive options available for PC users today; The ByClick Downloader. It only takes a few clicks to download music from any YouTube video using the ByClick downloader and the auto-detect feature makes it incredibly easy to work with multiple videos at a time.

Here’s how to download music using the ByClick Downloader:

  1. Install the software using this link.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (9)
  2. Click on your formatting options and where you’d like to save your video.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (10)
  3. Click on Auto Detect.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (11)
  4. Tap the boxes next to the web browser you’re using to fetch your YouTube music. Then, click Save.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (12)
  5. Access a web browser and start playing the music you’d like to download. Then, click Download MP3.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (13)

Your MP3 will now be saved to the location you set in step 2.

Download Music from YouTube using YouTube to MP3

YouTube to MP3 is one of the most convenient solutions for downloading individual links from YouTube. The software is entirely free to use, and there is no registration or installation needed. Unlike 4K Video Downloader software, it also gives you unlimited downloads.

Follow the steps below to convert and download a YouTube video from this website:

  1. Open this link by using your computer or mobile device.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (14)
  2. Paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download into the box showing on the main page.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (15)
  3. Click on the Go button.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (16)
  4. Select the MP3 option for file type and choose the quality. You can choose between 64 kbps up to 320 kbps. The smaller the compression level, the smaller the file will be, at the cost of quality. You naturally want to go for a higher quality (and therefore, number) unless you’re saving space.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (17)
  5. Click on Convert.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (18)
  6. Wait for the conversion process to complete.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (19)
  7. Download the file by clicking on the Download button.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (20)
  8. The file is now on your computer, and you can play it on your favorite music player or transfer it to other devices.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (21)

Tip: Users with low storage space on their computers may appreciate the “Save to Dropbox” option that lets them save the song using their Dropbox account and online storage.

YouTube Music App Download for Offline

We’ve got great news for everyone who spends a good portion of their day listening to music on YouTube. A special app called YouTube Music lets you download MP3s of your favorite videos.

You can use the app on your PC (Windows 10, Mac, Linux) or your Android and iOS smartphone. The software lets you search for artists, albums, and genres. When you select your favorite song or artist, the app will spin up a playlist of recommended channels. It also keeps track of your music and lets you access it quickly when you get back to the app.

By signing up for the YouTube Music Premium subscription, you get to listen to these songs offline. If you’re a student, you’ll love their 50% student rate, which means you’ll only have to pay $4.99 per month for the service.

There are many perks of using the premium version, including:

  • No ads when playing songs or videos
  • Playing music in the background of your device
  • Download music for offline listening

Follow the steps below to download music from YouTube using this app:

  1. Download the YouTube Music app from Google Play or App Store. To get the Desktop Player version, click here.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (22)
  2. If you haven’t already, sign up for the premium account. You can do so via your browser by logging into your YouTube account and going to the Premium page.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (23)
  3. Open the YT Music app on your computer or mobile device.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (24)
  4. Search for the songs or video playlists you wish to download offline and then play the song or playlist.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (25)
  5. Tap on the Menu (three vertical dots in the upper hand of the screen) and tap on Download.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (26)
  6. You can now find the song when you go to your Library, then Downloads.
    How to Download Music from YouTube (27)

A Note on the Legality

It’s important to say a few words about the legality of music downloads. In essence, this depends on the video ownership policy.

You can most certainly download videos that are your property or your personal YouTube videos. It’s also allowed to download public domain, non-encrypted videos. You can always search for videos of this kind by typing “public domain” or “non-encrypted” videos.

You shouldn’t, however, download videos with copyright without the owner’s permission. Most websites mentioned state in their terms and services that you shouldn’t download or make available copyrighted material, material protected by trademark laws, or subject to third-party proprietary rights without the permission of the rightful owner.

Google is allowed to take action against anyone who downloads a YouTube video using infringing tools or services without the owner’s permission.

Additional FAQs

Here are some more answers to help you download music from YouTube.

Can I download YouTube to My iPhone or Android?

Yes, you can download YouTube songs on your mobile device. There are also various ways of doing so. Most of the programs we listed in the guide are accessible from mobile devices. However, YouTube to MP3 says that only Android users can convert videos with their smartphones.

Overall, the most convenient (and safest) to download YouTube songs to mobile devices is through the YouTube Music App. This is a premium app, but it’s well worth it for everyone who enjoys music daily and doesn’t mind spending $9.99 per month.

Will I get malware using third-party YouTube download sites?

A significant number of malware infections are the result of downloads from unreliable sources. Many websites are built primarily to infect computers by offering “legitimate” services for download. In short: yes, you can get malware using third-party download sites. Not every website is infectious, but you should be careful when visiting them and make sure you’re clicking on the right buttons.

We recommend updating your antivirus (or getting one if you don’t already use it) before proceeding to websites of this kind. To avoid getting scammed, use the websites we recommended in this guide.

Bring Music with You Wherever You Go

Downloading music from YouTube can be convenient when hitting the road, running, or simply saving connection data. There is no reason why you should be left without your favorite beats at any time. Several websites can help bring music to everyone’s pocket, regardless of internet connection.

You should now be able to download YouTube songs and playlists for free or sign up for YouTube Music Premium for unlimited music downloads. Finally, when opting for free converter website services, be wary of the legalities and don’t download copyrighted content unless you have the owner’s consent.

Which video conversion website did you like best? Are you considering subscribing to YouTube Premium? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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