Sheet-Pan Gnocchi With Mushrooms and Spinach Recipe (2024)



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Mrs. G

The shelf stable gnocchi doesn’t get boiled before going in the oven? It doesn’t seem it would soften up. Want to try this tonight but I don’t want to waste it if it needs to be cooked first in water.


Mrs. G,The last two times I made gnocchi, I used a cast iron skillet and added olive oil. It was delicious and didn't take too much time at all. The inside of the gnocchi is soft and the outside has a lovely crunch on it. I think putting it on a sheet pan and then baking it would have the same result. Mangia!

Theo By-The-Sea

Gnocchi absolutely does not need to be boiled first. See and try Ali’s Crispy Gnocchi With Burst TomToes and Mozzarella - another winner from the awsome Ms. Slagle!

Steve H.

Too much mustard flavor. Suggest a tsp of Dijon and a tablespoon of butter


Highly recommend squeezing a lemon over the dish before serving.


Subbed shaved Brussel sprouts for spinach. Easy and delicious.


This is a mostly great recipe, but I thought the sauce was too sweet. I love a sweet and sour/sharp moment but it didn’t quite work out for me, and it was definitely the sweetness from the honey not balancing right with the umami from the mushrooms. I could appreciate the honey but there was just too much (it could also be my honey, which is on the sweeter side). I would recommend being judicious with that part unless you know how sweet your honey is.

Stacy Sierota

I completely omitted the sauce. Used juice of a whole lemon tablespoon of butter at the end and it was delicious. Double the mushrooms.


No need! I know it sounds odd, but it works. Be prepared for chewy deliciousness. (I've been tossing just-out-of-the-package gnocchi in a hot pan with browned butter, sage and Italian sausage forever.)

Jill E.

This was amazing. Followed the recipe, used a mixture of cremini, shiitake and maitake mushrooms, and I increased the scallions to 6. Used refrigerated gnocchi. Too little room to mix in hte sheet pan so I mixed the ingredients in a bowl with the olive oil and transferred to the sheet pan. 35 minutes in the oven, plus 5 minutes with the spinach. Put everything back into a serving bowl before adding the butter and sauce. Really fantastic, easy recipe, will make again!


Mrs. G, I wholeheartedly echo Lydia's comments. We love baking gnocchi (often lightly tossed in olive oil and rosemary) with an assortment of whatever vegetables we have on hand (cubed sweet potatoes/butternut squash, brussels sprouts, halved shallots, cherry tomatoes). Keep an eye on it so the crunchy shell is to your liking, but the center is still nice and chewy!

Tim Prendergast

The shelf stable, store bought gnocchi do not have to be boiled. Just use olive oil or butter in a cast iron pan to soften and crisp them up on the outside. They're amazing.


I would appreciate it if people would just comment on the Recipe, not all of their revisions!


Substituted fresh grated ginger for the horseradish, very good too.


Great idea, bad execution. The gnocchi needs to hit some boiling water for at least a minute of two before it hits the sheet pan so it doesn't end up being a tough little nugget. Will try this again and will toss some fresh herbs in last minute.


Parboil gnocchi (5-6 minutes microwave). Use 24oz mushrooms. 3 Tbsp grainy mustard, 2 Tbsp horse radish, maple syrup.


Absolutely delicious!!I used buckwheat honey (which isn’t as sweet as standard honey) so I bumped it up to about a tablespoon. Also added the juice of one lemon & a good glug of olive oil to the dressing to make an emulsion. The dressing became a spicy honey mustard with a nice kick-before I upped the honey I found it to sinus-clearing spicy (and I say this as an avid horseradish fan!) Will definitely be adding this dish into our rotation!

Tony Fischer

I would consider baking just the gnocchi at first and then adding the mushrooms, etc when the recipe calls for the spinach to be added.


If you're wondering whether this is good without the sauce, it is! Absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare. Sprinkle some parmesan on top and you have a delicious vegetarian weeknight meal!


2.5tsp still too much horseradish


Made this last night and the spinach and mushroom mix was wonderful… but this is a terrible thing to do to an innocent gnocchi.


Ginger works for horseradish 415 degrees to startOnly enough for 1 serving each - could double

mary beth

Use less mustard


Loved this recipe! Made it with mini gnocchi!

Name StillLearning

Made this just as written last night. I needn’t have worried about this as a main dish, it’s plenty filling. Served with a simple green salad. My “not crazy about mushrooms” spouse ate up the entire thing. Next time I might try more spinach, as we like lots of greens and it shrunk to nothing. Otherwise, a great, really easy, weeknight thing.


Delicious! Used red pepper chili flakes and Aleppo pepper instead of horseradish, and added thyme and sage to the gnocchi and veggies. Doubled the sauce in order to have enough for 18 oz of gnocchi and still have enough sauce leftover to drizzle at the end.

Deborah VC

Delicious! I followed the recipe except didn’t use butter and added a mixture of spinach and Tuscan kale. The mushroom mix was cremini, sh*take and king trumpet. Really liked the sauce though I’ll probably up the horseradish a bit and maybe add a squeeze of lemon to finish. Served with hot pepper flakes at the table. Fast and very tasty.

Lisa vS

This was GOOD! And so easy. Put the sauce on 2 skin on boneless chicken breasts which I roasted in same pan w gnocchi. Pulled them out to rest when done (about 5 min before adding spinach). Sliced and served on top.


Loved this!!


A bit too much work for a simple=ish dish.. I prefer the other pan gnocchis. Also at that high temp, they seem to go toward burning. It was delish..but the other gnocchi recipes are so much the crispy gnocchi with burst tomatoes, etc...

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Sheet-Pan Gnocchi With Mushrooms and Spinach Recipe (2024)
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