The key to booking LTE tariffs lies not only in reasonable fees but also in several critical criteria: (2023)

LTE Speed:

Providers are increasingly offering 50 megabits per second (Mbps) as the standard download speed for LTE home services. However, it's crucial to verify the actual speed at your location on the LTE provider's website or by contacting them, as the advertised speeds are often not achievable in practice.

LTE Router:

Not all routers support LTE as a replacement for fixed-line connections. To avoid technical issues, it's often worthwhile to include a suitable router when subscribing to a tariff, ensuring smooth internet usage.

LTE Network Costs:

Monthly fees typically do not include connection costs, the necessary router, shipping, and additional charges. To avoid unexpected costs, it's essential to calculate the actual expenses for each LTE home tariff and list them transparently.

Four Top LTE Home Tariffs of the Year:

  1. O2 my Home M:

    • Unlimited data with up to LTE and 5G.
    • Price-competitive with a flat-rate for fixed-line calls.
    • Fast internet without DSL connection.
  2. Congstar Homespot 200:

    • 200 GB data, suitable for average internet use.
    • Higher upload speed than O2 my Home M.
    • Good network coverage as a Telekom subsidiary.
  3. Telekom Speedport Pro Plus Router with MagentaZuhause XL Tariff:

    • Mesh technology for consistent Wi-Fi in all rooms.
    • Integration with Magenta SmartHome, eliminating the need for an additional gateway.
    • Download speed of up to 250 Mbps with the XL tariff.
  4. Vodafone GigaCube:

    • 5G tariff for 4K film streaming.
    • 500 GB data with speeds of up to 500 Mbps.
    • Premium option but comes at a minimum cost of 77 Euros per month.

Fee Comparison: Monthly Costs of Recommended LTE Tariffs:

Basis LTE Home Tariffs Comparison:

  • O2 my Home M: Total cost after 2 years - €789.39, Monthly cost - €32.89.
  • Congstar Homespot 200: Total cost after 2 years - €1091.24, Monthly cost - €45.46.

Premium LTE Home Tariffs Comparison:

  • Telekom MagentaZuhause XL: Total cost after 2 years - €1306.55, Monthly cost - €54.54.
  • Vodafone GigaCube: Total cost after 2 years - €1850 (with Basic Router), Monthly cost - €77.08.

Expert Evaluation of LTE Home Tariffs:

Our online experts consistently evaluate offers based on a 360-degree approach, considering personal experiences, tests by reputable sources like Stiftung Warentest, and customer reviews. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that consumers make informed decisions and are protected from potential pitfalls, especially concerning pricing fluctuations after the initial months.

Expert Ratings of Selected LTE Home Tariffs:

  1. O2 my Home M: Best price-performance ratio with unlimited data and competitive pricing.
  2. Congstar Homespot 200: Suitable for average home use with good upload speed and flexibility.
  3. Telekom MagentaZuhause XL: Ideal for those interested in Telekom's entertainment options.
  4. Vodafone GigaCube: Best for users seeking high-speed, flexible internet, especially for 4K streaming.


Choosing an LTE tariff depends on factors like data needs, network coverage, and budget. O2 my Home M stands out for its affordability and unlimited data, making it a top choice for many users. However, the best option ultimately depends on individual preferences and requirements.

For more information, user reviews, and up-to-date insights, consider visiting the provider's official websites or reputable technology review platforms.

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