Try These Beautiful DIY Valentine's Day Nail Designs (2024)


Try These Beautiful DIY Valentine's Day Nail Designs (1)

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Try These Beautiful DIY Valentine's Day Nail Designs

For a Cupid-approved manicure.

by Ashley Ziegler and Anne Vorrasi


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We all know that with Valentine’s Day comes chocolates, flowers, and professions of love, but it also comes with a very fun color palette and cute symbols to go with it. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate the classic hearts and shades of pink and red into daily life around the holiday, but one of the best is with some fun nail designs for Valentine’s Day. Between the Xs and Os, gorgeous hues, sparkles, and kiss prints, there is plenty to inspire some thematic nail art.

Of course, a basic shade of red or pink is a perfectly acceptable nail design for Valentine’s Day, but if you really want to lean into the holiday, it’s so much fun to add in little accents that celebrate love. Not a fan of red or pink? No problem, there are plenty of other colors that pair well with hearts. Aren’t fond of manicures that are overly cutesy? There are plenty of nail designs for Valentine’s Day that nod to the holiday without being overly obvious.

Even with all of the fun colors and symbols that come along with Valentine’s Day, it’s still not always easy to create your own unique nail art design. So, if you’re feeling a little stuck this year, here are some nail designs for Valentine’s Day to try for yourself.


Wintery shades

This classy nail design doesn’t scream “Valentine’s Day nails” the way a hot pink or classic red manicure might, but they still incorporate the most important holiday symbol: a heart. The combination of pale pink and burgundy actually keeps it looking sophisticated and might be a nail design you might be tempted to rock all winter long, when dark, moody colors are in.


A metallic runway

This is not your average pink manicure. At first glance, you might not notice the metallic silver line running down the length of these super glossy nails, but they’re there. And the stiletto shape help to make take a simple pink manicure to the next level.


Bejeweled digits

These jeweled nails are certainly dressed for a fancy Valentine’s Day outing. Start with any pink polish of your choosing — mix it up if you want to — add a coat of glitter, and tack on round and heart-shaped baubles.


Not your average manicure

If a french manicure is more your style, try this simple, pretty version. Instead of white, cover the tips in a super dense, sparkly silver glitter polish.


A pretty gradient

These lovely gradient nails actually would work for all kinds of occasions and with any color combination. For Valentine’s Day, pink and red shades feel appropriate, but you could totally venture into orange for Halloween or red and green for Christmas.


Minimalist mani

While some like to make statements with their nail polish, others prefer a more minimalist approach, and this Valentine’s Day nail art is perfect for them. To recreate it, you’ll need a soft base color, like this pearly white, and either red polish to make the hearts yourself or nail stickers.


Stamped design

Did you know that you can create a flawless nail design using stamps? In this Valentine’s Day manicure tutorial by Janelle, you’ll learn how to create several different holiday-appropriate nail designs using a Konad stamper. Who knew it could be so easy?


A wild print

If you’re someone who loves animal print, consider this fun Valentine’s Day nail design featuring zebra stripes. You won’t need a ton of special tools except for a fine tip brush and red, black, and white polishes. Check out this video by Nika Nails to learn how to do it yourself.


Dipped in glitter

Here’s a manicure that’s so glittery and so easy. In this tutorial, rather than use glitter nail polish, she uses a pink glittery nail dip/powder that leaves a textured finish. For the black hearts, you can either use a fine tip brush, a tool, or even a toothpick if you have a steady hand.


Heart punchout

How cool is this design? It looks like someone just swiped a brush across a heart on the nail, but the little cutout is actually added after the pink polish has dried. And, believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to do yourself with this tutorial.


Dots and hearts

Another easy Valentine’s Day manicure is just a red polka dot and heart pattern over a white or light pink base (but you can always switch up the colors). You don’t need to be a master artist to accomplish this, you just need a toothpick, a steady hand, and patience.


Candy heart pastels

If you want something a little different from classic red, get a little inspiration from the pastel colors of conversation hearts. With this design, you’ll really want to include the heart statement nails, since otherwise, it will just look like a pastel rainbow manicure. To learn how to do it, watch this tutorial from Jenny Claire Fox.


Statement nail sticker

By far the easiest way to upgrade your regular manicure into a Valentine’s Day mani is with the addition of a nail sticker. You can find stickers in most beauty stores (and on Amazon) and they come in different designs, textures, and sizes. Simply paint your nails a solid color, add a sticker to one nail, and you’re all set for the holiday.



It’s not Valentine’s Day without some kissing lips, is it? Kelli Marissa has a tutorial with step-by-step instructions for recreating this exact manicure, but she uses a detail brush to get the look. You can certainly give this a try, or buy some nail stickers to make it easier.


A mashup

Red gets a lot of the attention on Valentine’s Day, but pink is a close runner-up. However, neon pink does not get the recognition it deserves. You can give the hue a little extra love with a holiday manicure like this one that combines the vibrant color with basic white and silver glitter polishes. The basic colors help tone down the pink, but still create a gorgeous holiday-appropriate design.


Subtle heart accent

If you like the idea of a Valentine’s Day nail design, but want something a little different, try something like this. This person included just a little bit of pink into their otherwise all-blue design, and the little heart is the perfect holiday touch.



Want to skip the hearts altogether? Opt for a floral design instead. Flowers are definitely synonymous with Valentine’s Day, so nail art like this is totally appropriate. To make something this detailed, you’ll need some tools (here’s a tutorial), but you can use a toothpick to make a simple design, such as daisies.


A touch of gold

Not a hint of red in this Valentine’s Day nail art, but it’s still perfect. The addition of gold adds a little bit of glam to the design, and it’s an overall pretty easy manicure to recreate. You’ll need a toothpick or stickers to get the black dots and “love” just right, but the design would look just as good with out the black at all.


Watercolor ombre

For anyone who loves all of the colors of Valentine’s Day, but also prefers a uniform manicure, consider an ombre design like this one. To get the look, you’ll need a disposable makeup sponge and three of your favorite colors. Learn how to DIY with this tutorial.


Simple heart

Simple. Easy. Holiday appropriate. Seriously, it doesn’t get much easier than this design. Just paint your nails basic red, except for the middle finger with white. Once the middle finger is fully dry, use a toothpick to draw a heart on the middle finger with the same red polish you used on the other nails. To make it even easier, skip the toothpick art and pick up some nail stickers instead.


Waterfall hearts

This waterfall heart manicure is perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of the cutesy Valentine’s Day designs. My Simple Little Pleasures has a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to recreate this gorgeous design at home.


Shades of magenta and fuchsia

For a more unique Valentine’s Day manicure, consider using different shades of magenta and fuchsia. The pink-purple colors are totally appropriate for the holiday, but they’re not used nearly as much as regular pink or red. A simple one-color design works great, but you can also mix it up with some sparkles like in this picture.



Believe it or not, this XOXO nail art was done with just a toothpick. Kelli Marissa has a video tutorial that teaches you how to recreate it, as well as three other designs, using the household tool, and you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to recreate.

Now, with all of these nail designs for Valentine’s Day, you’re tasked with choosing which one you want to show off on the holiday. Of course, you can always use these as inspiration to create something of your own, or you can combine a couple of different designs to create a mix-and-match mani. Regardless of what you choose, your nails will surely look fabulous this Valentine’s Day.

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Try These Beautiful DIY Valentine's Day Nail Designs (2024)
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