In Short, Europe: Awakening - EUNIC UK (2024)

A collection of invigorating short films from 24 European countries

21-22 April 2023, Everyman Cinemas, Leeds
12-13 May 2023, Ciné Lumiére Institut Français Royaume – Uni, London

EUNIC London in collaboration with the European Union Delegation to the UK, LEEDS 2023 and Leeds International Film Festival is pleased to present the fifth edition of In Short, Europe short film festival, taking place in Leeds, 21 – 22 April 2023 and in London, 12-13 May 2023.

This edition, entitled Awakening, is organised into four strands: Explore, Grow, Surround and Dream and invites you to imagine new beginnings, reflect on your past experiences and dare to dream of a brighter future.

The programme has been curated by Ellie Hales, Film Programmer at Leeds International Film Festival.

Screening Programme:

In Short, Europe: EXPLORE

Explore is a collection of six short narrative and animated films from Austria, Ukraine, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland and Slovenia.

Each film focuses on awakening our sexuality and identity, the emotions that come with exploring ourselves and the conflicts keeping this expression at bay; exploring themes of reclaiming sexuality, pressure to fulfil gender norms and discovering sexual identity. Witness a lonely mermaid discover lust through Ukrainian waterpipes, a stable-hand in rural Ireland struggle with his femininity, a group of friends in Belgium discuss polyamory and three modern day sworn-virgins act out against patriarchal society.

Fabiu dir. Stefan Langthaler, Austria, 2020, drama, 30mins

Deep Water dir. Anna Dudko, Ukraine, 2021, animation, 6mins

Amours Libres dir. Emily Worms, Belgium, 2020, animation, 5mins

Candy dir. Sarah Grant, Scotland, 2022, comedy drama, 13mins

Dash dir. Rory Fleck Byrne, Ireland, 2021, drama, 15mins

Sisters dir. Katarina Rešek Kukla, Slovenia, 2021, drama, 24mins

Everyman Leeds 21 April, 7:00- 9:00pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

Ciné Lumière London 12 May, 6:15- 8:15pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

In Short, Europe: SURROUND

Surround is a collection of six shorts including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental film from Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Poland, The Netherlands and Croatia.

How awake are we to what is happening around us? This set of films looks at the people we surround ourselves with, societal effects on the environment and how nature can nurture new beginnings. From a hedgehog in the Croatian forest who is proud of his home, to the inhabitants of a Slovakian town who are losing theirs. From a young girl uniting her neighbourhood to help her father’s mental health, to a group in Estonia rescuing food waste to feed hungry families. This programme will open your eyes to how our surroundings can both heal and hinder humanity.

Hedgehog’s Home dir.Eva Cvijanović, Croatia, 2017, animation, 10mins

For Tomorrow Paradise Arrives dir. Anna Hints, Estonia, 2021, documentary, 28mins

To Teach a Bird to Fly dir.Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts, Finland, 2020, documentary, 24mins

Hannah’s Dream dir. Emily Reekers and Eugene Arts, Netherlands, 2021, drama, 13mins

Airborne dir. Andrzej Jobczyk, Poland, 2021, animation, 8mins

Once There Was a Sea… dir. Joanna Kozuch, Slovakia, 2021, animation, 17mins

Everyman Leeds 22 April, 12:00- 2:00pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Ciné Lumière London 13 May, 12:00- 2:00pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

In Short, Europe: GROW

Grow is a collection of six short narrative films and one docu-drama from France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland.

This programme explores how we develop and interact with others as we age. Each film looks at how our opinions and actions are guided by those around us, discovering ourselves as a person and how things change as we grow up. Four teenagers in Geneva realise that they won’t be together forever, a young girl explores her sexuality in Spain whilst reconnecting with her father and an argument between generations over Christmas dinner can only be stopped with drastic measures.

Garconne dir. Nicolas Sarkissian, France, 2014, drama, 30mins

Resistance dir. Benjamin Hujawa, Germany, 2019, drama, 3mins

The Penguin’s Flight dir. Stella Serefoglou, Greece, 2021, drama, 15mins

End of Puberty dir. Fanni Szilágyi, Hungary, 2015, drama, 13mins

Perpetua Felicidad dir. Isa Luengo and Sofía Esteve, Spain, 2022, drama, 21mins

À l’ancienne dir. Yasmine Bahechar, Switzerland, 2020, docu-fiction, 19mins

Everyman Leeds 22 April, 3:00- 5:00pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Ciné Lumière London 13 May, 2:15- 4:15pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

In Short, Europe: DREAM

Dream is a collection of six short films including two narratives, two documentaries and two animations from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania and Lithuania.

These films reflect on unfulfilled dreams, the places we explore when we’re asleep and how sometimes our biggest dreams can turn into our darkest nightmares. From an electrician’s fever dream to an elderly woman looking back on her life in Cyprus. From neighbours reflecting on how little they know each other, to a woman dreaming of an unlikely future during a traumatic childbirth. These films will question how you dream when both asleep and awake.

Ρέβ (Dream) dir. Nikolas Kasinos, Cyprus, 2020, documentary, 25mins

Electrician’s Day dir. Vladimir Leschiov, Latvia, 2018, animation, 9mins

ELENA dir. Birutė Sodeikaitė, Lithuania, 2021, animation, 13mins

Intercom 15 dir. Andrei Epure, Romania, 2021, drama, 22mins

Powernapper’s Paradise dir. Samir Arabzadeh, Sweden, 2022, documentary, 14mins

Dreamdir. Helena Fikerová and Tereza Říhová, Czech Republic, 2021, folk-horror, 9mins

Everyman Leeds 22 April, 6:30- 8:30pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Ciné Lumière London 13 May, 4:30- 6:45pm: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

For the full programme & tickets visit Leeds International Film Festival here and theInstitut frainçais here.

In Short, Europe: Awakening - EUNIC UK (2024)
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